Surface : 225,490 ha

  • Core area(s): 43,878 ha
  • Buffer zone(s): 73,400 ha
  • Transition zone(s): 108,212 ha 

Location: 7°25’35” N – 35°07’50” E

Notable streams : Nana Abrewa, Abonobo, Obo, Oda, Butu, Siso and Supan.

Rainfall : There are two well-defined rainfall seasons. The main season occurs from March to July with a peak in June. The minor season starts from September to November with a peak in October. The mean annual rainfall is between 1600m-1800m.

Temperature : Temperature: The temperature of the area is said to be uniformly-high and throughout the year ranging between 32℃ in March and 20℃ in August.

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