There are three schools of thought about the origin of the Lake Bosomtwe. These are the

scientific school of thought and the oral tradition. Under the scientific thought, it is believed

that the lake was created as a result of either a meteorite action or volcanic activity resulting

in the formation of a crater which later collected water to form the lake.

The traditionalists believe that the lake was found by a hunter who was coming from a

hunting expedition and by shooting an antelope (locally called ɔtwe), the animal fell into a

depression and upon reaching the area to pick it up found a pond of water with fishes in it.

He reported this to his chief who ordered the hunter to bring some of the fish on his next

visit. The hunter upon going there the next time found out the pond had started expanding

and it is believed that whilst returning on that day he met a river god in the form of an old

lady, (‘abrewa’) who informed him that the antelope he shot was a god and that the pond

should be named ‘Bosom Twe’ literary meaning the ‘god of antelope.

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