The Water Resources Commission (WRC) was established by an Act of Parliament (Act 522 of 1996) as the institution responsible for the management of Ghana’s fresh water resources. It is specifically mandated to regulate and manage the water resources and to co-ordinate related government policies.

One avenue through which the Commission carries out this mandate is by the Basin Secretariats which are dispersed throughout parts of the country. There are six (6) Basin Secretariats namely; the Densu, White Volta, Ankobra, Pra, Tano and the Black Volta Basin Secretariats.

The Pra Basin is the fourth priority basin that the Water Resources Commission has established as a decentralized management body to facilitate the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The Pra Basin Secretariat has oversight responsibility for managing the Lake Bosomtwe Biosphere Reserve since it falls within the basin’s catchment area.

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